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Don't Let Equipment Breakdown Break You!

May 5, 2016

One of the most common misconceptions business owners have about the equipment they own is that the manufacturer's warranty will cover anything that goes wrong. Or that because they have insurance, their equipment will be covered no matter what.

But it's not true, and the time to be clear about this is before a problem occurs, not after.

Insurance for mechanical and electrical breakdown of equipment, sometimes called boiler and machinery insurance, carries a lot of weight so your shoulders don't have to. To minimize downtime or lost income, coverages are available for equipment repair, business interruption and other potentially heavy costs.

Boiler and machinery coverage goes a step beyond, too. It includes invaluable loss-control services such as scheduled onsite inspections. These inspections don't replace preventive maintenance or other types of inspections required by state or local ordinances, but licensed boiler and machinery field engineers often can point out machinery damage, dangerous situations, safety and other code infractions that could lead to fines unless corrected, and more.

So what kinds of equipment does a boiler and machinery policy cover? It could be everything from a cash register to a refrigerator to a pressure vessel or boiler. You likely have something that needs this type of protection. Give us a call so we can discuss how mechanical breakdown coverage will benefit you.

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