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Don't Let an Office Party End Up On the Rocks

Feb 4, 2016

The United States celebrates several holidays, and many companies use them as times for social gatherings with employees and their families. If alcohol is part of the bill of fare at the office party or picnic, employers need to be especially conscious about state laws that define their legal responsibility--even when attendence is voluntary.

In addition, the Department of Labor lists several tips for employers who host office celebrations. The recommendations range from planning an alcohol-free event, such as a carnival, to designating office-party managers who are responsible for making sure the company's alcohol-use policy is well-known and promoted. Party plans could include a provision for alternate transportation in case anyone imbibes too much.

Only time sobers people from the effects of alcohol. Stop providing alcohol well before the end of a party. Always offer non-alcoholic beverages in the lineup of liquid refreshments. Serve food dishes rich in starch and protein since they can slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream.

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