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Be Prepared for Unexpected VANDALISM

Jan 14, 2016

Imagine this: you've arrived at your storefront, ready to open the shop for the day, and you realize that this morning you're not the first to arrive. Vandals have destroyed the interior and much of the merchandise inside. All of the hard work you've put into opening your small business has been ruined in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, vandals cost businesses millions of dollars every year. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were 233,000 vandalism arrests nationwide in 1995. This statistic doesn't even account for the high number of incidents that may have gone unreported, not those in which the vandal was never caught.

Vandals usually don't discriminate among their victims, so it's important for every business to have the proper insurance coverage. Losses incurred by vandalism or malicious mischief are covered under a commercial special form property policy. This policy covers such things as fires, explosions, and damages from changes in temperature (building only) or power interruption resulting from vandalism.

Generally, glass that is part of your building or sign is not covered. Also, many policies deny coverage on buildings vacated for more than 30-60 days, depending upon the policy form. However, this period may be extended through an extra premium in which a deductible is paid in the event of a loss.

Vandalism occurs when you least expect it, so the best defense is to be prepared. Please call us with any questions.

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