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Top 10 Business Safety Tips

Aug 20, 2015

There's a lot to be said for creating a safe work environment. Generally, employees are happier and healthier, production is better, and insurance premiums are lower in a safe workplace. However, maintaining a safe and productive workplace means more than just writing a set of safety rules. It requires creating an environment in which all of your employees participate in achieving safety goals. By adhering to the following general safety tips, you can take the first important steps.

1. Encourage your employees to work safely; at the same time, know the specific causes of possible accidents.

2. Remember that your employees are also your best consultants. Solicit their input on how to improve workplace safety.

3. Promote any actions which make the workplace more enjoyable. Create a system that gives workers' the ability to provide supervisors with both positive and negative feedback on all operational matters.

4. Ensure that work areas are cleaned regularly and free of hazards. All equipment should be checked regularly to ensure proper operation. If safety gear is necessary, be sure it is available at all times.

5. Do not create overly complicated emergency procedures. Keep accident plans simple: workers' will need to understand all the instructions immediately.

6. Emergencies require not only plans, but also supplies. Put fire extinguishers in plain view, and make sure employees know how to use them. Keep a first-aid kit and emergency phone numbers readily accessible.

7. Safeguard all storage areas. Be sure all materials are placed neatly on shelves, pallets, or in boxes. Keep flammable liquids, and other waste materials in sealed metal containers, away from sources of heat.

8. Your building should adhere to all fire and safety codes. Check that all exits are clearly marked and unobstructed.

9. If you use any motor vehicles for your business, service them regularly. Stock vehicles with jumper cables, flashlights, cellular phones, and first-aid kits.

10. Learn from your experiences. Keep track of events that led to or nearly resulted in workplace accidents.

Compliance with safety requirements can result in fewer worker compensation claims and absences due to injuries. Creating a positive atmosphere about accident and injury prevention can be a major benefit to your company. In addition, paying close attention to detail will make a big difference in improving your workplace safety. Try to involve everyone in safety efforts, and be sure to conduct emergency drills every few months so your employees are prepared to take action in a crisis. We hope you'll keep this checklist as a quick reference tool for your regular safety reviews. If there is anything we can do as your insurance agency please let us know.

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