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Don't Let Your Guard Down When Away From Home on Business

Aug 27, 2015

If your job involves stays in hotels or motels, one of the first things you should do is locate the emergency exits and stairs nearest your room. Make sure you know the closest fire escape, too.

In addition:

  • Use the hotel's main entrance, especially when out late at night.
  • Keep guest room keys out of view. Don't give them to strangers or disclose your room number.
  • Make sure the room's doors and windows are always locked. If someone knocks on the door, verify identification before letting them in.
  • Travel with as few valuables as possible. Lock those you brought in the hotel or motel safe deposit box. Don't leave valuables in a car, but if you must, put them in the trunk.
Speaking of cars, if driving to your destination, use caution in the parking lot when walking to or from your vehicle. If you notice suspicious activity, report it to the hotel's information desk
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