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How Business Owners can Fight Fraud

Jul 23, 2015

Businesses of all sizes and varieties make great targets for insurance fraud. The National insurance Crime Bureau notes that while the following scenarios do not mean fraud has been committed, employers should be aware that the potential exists.

  • Con artists have been known to file bogus new claims for former or existing injuries
  • People have purposely caused items or shelves to topple onto themselves and then filed bodily injury claims.
  • Individuals who claimed they tripped over something on a stairway or in a walkway, or became ill by eating improperly prepared or unsafe food products, have filed successful lawsuits.
  • Part-time, seasonal, disgruntled, transient and about-to-be-fired workers have been known to cause self-injury at work so they could draw workers' compensation benefits.
As a business owner, you have ways to fight back. You can implement loss control/safety programs, install video cameras in strategic locations and encourage an open-door policy for employees and/or customers to vent frustrations before they engage in appropriate or unacceptable behavior. Make it known you have a no-tolerance policy for criminal behavior of any kind, including fraud.
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