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Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Apr 23, 2015

Domestic violence thrives in millions of American homes. Many violators and victims have jobs...and domestic violence can breed workplace violence. That's why employers need action plans to address this growing threat.

Workplace violence does not discriminate. Men and women alike have been subjected to it. It results in lost productivity, increased fear and stress, even death. Workplace violence ranges from verbal to physical abuse. The fear it generates can emotionally paralyze a person, a department--even an entire company.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lists several factors that increase someone's risk for assault. Those factors range from working alone or in small numbers to working in community-based settings. Sometimes the violent person rather than the victim is on the payroll. Stress, relationship and financial problems, drug or alcohol abuse--the causes of violence are endless.

Employers should establish a written policy about workplace violence and methods to report incidents confidentially, develop ways to assess danger and implement reasonable steps to prevent it. Companies should also have a strategy to get the workplace back to normal after a violent act occurs. Employees may benefit from company-sponsored conflict resolution training. The NIOSH recommends that employers set up employee assistance programs or tap local professional organizations that provide counseling services such as debriefing after a violent incident in the workplace.

Companies can also change their enviromental surroundings. Good lighting; visibility; secured entrances, exits and parking; and use of closed-circuit cameras can deter people from committing violent acts.

Knowing risk factors and establishing prevention strategies may not eradicate workplace violence, but they are important measures in the overall health and safety of employees, clients, customers and other people who play a part in an organizations' success.

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