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Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent?

Feb 26, 2015

Perhaps a better question would be, "Why use an insurance agent at all?" According to some insurance companies, an agent is an unnecessary middleman who brings nothing to the transaction but added cost. Before you buy into that argument, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What do you know about insurance? I mean really know. Not the stuff you read in financial magazines or the newspaper, or an anecdote related to you by a friend or neighbor, but the nuts and bolts of insurance. Do you fully understand why insurance exists and how it is supposed to work? Can you read and understand an insurance policy? Are you familiar with insurance law? If you're like most people, your answer to these questions is going to be no. This is why you need an agent. Now, why an independent agent? To begin with, an independent agent isn't employed by an insurance company nor are we contractually obligated to any one insurance company. We're true independent contractors. This independence allows us to act in our clients best interest, not an insurance company's. We can't be threatened to "toe the company line", or else. An independent agent can place insurance with any of a number of insurers. This means we find the best policy for you, not just some "one size fits all" boilerplate policy. And, if something unfortunate occurs that results in a policy cancellation or nonrenewal, we'll be able to find a replacement policy for you. In today's marketplace, people are constantly trying to find the best price, be it for a product or a service. Unfortunately, in their desire to save money, many consumers are forgetting the difference between price and value. With refrigerators, for example, it is fairly easy to compare the features and prices of the various models available. But how do you do that with insurance? Call us. We've been comparing insurance companies and policies since 1957. Our current company lineup reflects that 40+ years of experience. You can call Plapp Insurance at 1-800-820-7575 or use our contact form.

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