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Make Your Mailroom Safe

Feb 19, 2015

New threats to your employees' safety appear frequently from all sorts of sources. Knowing how to protect your business and employees from the latest risk takes constant vigilance. The possible danger lurking in your daily mail is the latest threat to your employees' safety├Žand to the survival of your business. Tales of anthrax-laden letters make most of us want to weld our mailboxes shut forever.

This gut reaction may be understandable but it certainly isn't realistic. Your business likely relies on a fully functioning mailroom. Your employees can help protect themselves by watching for a few red flags, such as:

  • Handwritten addresses with no return address or bearing one that can't be confirmed as legitimate.
  • Lopsided or lumpy mail.
  • Mail sealed with excessive amounts of tape.
  • Mail marked with restrictive endorsements such as 'Personal' or 'Confidential.'
  • Excessive Postage.

If your employees encounter suspicious mail:

  • Don't handle a suspected contaminated letter or package.
  • Don't shake it, bump it or sniff it.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Notify local law enforcement.

For more safe mailing-handling tips, visit the United States Postal Service Web site at

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